#teamNOIRpaca #4life

Week 7 may be over but our team is as #4life as ds106.

Wow! this class gets a lot more fun when you get to collaborate with others. I’m glad that week got to do this at the midpoint and not at the very end of the class cause now we have more people to go to for help and advise in the class. I really liked how our show came together in the end, and I hope I get to work more with these girls in the semester.

Here’s my posts for the week:

Then for my daily creates:

  • a post for my emoji story
  • ds-106 as a spaceship (Death Star cause DS) original comic here

    ds death star

  • and then my #heelconcept was a smart heel (get it? cause it’s an owl and they’re.. you know, smart?)smart heel

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  1. Sounds like you ladies had fun, its good to be bad 🙂

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