march and i are not on speaking terms


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I got an extension from Groom, so to those of you judging me for turning everything in late, I have a good reason. March has kind of been a ‘b-word’ to me, but my birthday is in April so hopefully things will be better now on.

(If this is for school can I say the b-word? cause seriously march has been a real bitch to get through)

Monday night I lost a friend. Late Thursday night I lost my mind. I wished I could skip Friday. Then to top it all off, on Sunday I drove my friend patient first, waited around two hours for the doctors there to tell me to take her to the ER. I spent the rest of the day there with another friend holding her hand because her family lived too far away to get here. I got to watch the surgery; still haven’t decided if I think it was cool or absolutely disgusting.

I decided to work alone for the final stuff cause I have a busy schedule and I don’t want to make others work around it.

Also I just wanted to bring this up here again because this is honestly one of my favorite things I’ve created in this class.


  1. yo I am SO, SO, SO very sorry about how your month is going- I realllyyy hope that April is better for you. I really do. I loved the Calvin and Hobbes comic you put at the beginning of the post, too : )

  2. please know that I am here for you. do not take it lightly the words that i spoke to you that day … DS106 IS for life, after all! But seriously, please do not hesitate to hit me up. I hope that the sunshine of springtime will shine especially brightly for you and that Scott can be a light that will shine down on you wherever life takes you.

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