nooo design week is over! I think this has been my favorite by far, incase you couldn’t tell by the enthusiasm in my posts.

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Like honestly, this stuff made me so happy I’m kind of reconsidering my career path. I had a major existential crisis and now I’m kind of thinking I might try to finish my gen eds here and transfer to VCUarts after I pull together a portfolio. I don’t know though; I’ll have to think on it for a while. I just forgot how much I loved it in high school and didn’t realise how much I was missing this kind of creating. I also want to go back and talk to my old graphics teacher over spring break about art schools and portfolio junk.

This week I had a lot of free moments to do bits of work but never a big chunk of time, so I got a lot of my assignments done before and then just wrote up my assignments and everything today. I really wish that I could do more of this for the midterm, instead of a radio show, or I at least hope that the final is set up so that we can utilize our strongest area, for me being obviously this and maybe for somebody else it’s writing.

also i was very proud that hardly anybody used papyrus. but i did see some wordart out there that made me cringe. i kind of wish that #StopUsingPapyrus2k15 would catch on because it’s a message that does not reach enough people. I want downtown and saw it used on too many small business signs.