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My posts for the week:

Writing Assignments                                     Daily Creates

Alternate Ending 3 points                                                  Cat and a synthesizer
Poems 3 points                                                                        Eye selfie
Recipe Haiku 3 points                                                           Collage your day

Further Readings in Noir
Cleo Barrow: Notorious Bank Thief
Bonus: Color Scheming for your blog

This week was tougher for me. Writing is very much not my strong suit. I love stories, and I love imagining my own stories and characters, but I tend to have a tough time putting those plans down on paper, or typing them up in this case.  I’m sure that the more I practice writing the better I’ll get. And as I get used to ds106 the quality of my posts should improve as well. I’m looking forward to doing visual and design assignments because I think that’s where I’ll really shine.

I’m really interested in what we’re doing with the characters we created. I’ve almost planned a whole plot around mine, and I hope I get to work out some of the details over the semester.  I’m really loving my girl Cleo and her gang of thieves. Cleo is a female version of Clyde Barrow of Bonnie and Clyde fame. Most of my knowledge of Bonnie and Clyde comes from the ’67 movie. The gang will probably include Cleo, Bonnie, Cleo’s brother Buck, Buck’s wife Blanche, and one other gang member at least. As for noir tropes I’m planning on including so far Cleo is a major anti-hero, and her and Bonnie make a perfect outlaw couple, and Buck will probably be a major snark knight. The more I think up characters and plots around her, the more noir tropes I’m able to draw in. So I’m hoping we get to do a lot more writing to develop our characters.

This week we were also meant to customize or blogs but I had already done that last week, so that lightened my load a bit. And then I got all the plugins installed with no problems!

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  1. I love that you are pulling on Arthur Penn’s Bonnie and Clyde for your character portrait. That is a brilliant film, and rethinking Clyde’s character in a contemporary frame is really compelling. I am loving your discussion of it already, looking forward to much more, and we will give you all sorts of room to go crazy!

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