Sometimes grandparents are shocked if you know anything about the past. In ‘A Christmas Story’ when Ralphie listens to ‘Little Orphan Annie’ on the radio, my grandma will point to the screen and point and ask my little brother if he knows what that is and “isn’t interesting that they had that instead of tv?” I guess it is, but things aren’t so different. We still have radio shows; they’re just called podcasts now and you can listen whenever you want. So I think I already have a basic knowledge about audio storytelling. Radio’s not dead, it’s just different.

After tweeting along with ds106radio the last night, I sat down today with my afternoon coffee to get reading about noir radio. For me I’m not sure that all this information is something that I’ll lean best by reading. I’ll understand it more, the more I hear and the more I play with sound in audacity. For the restored and old versions of the videos I did notice the difference in the way I felt bout them. The restored definitely gave off a sense of higher tension with the ticking noise that starts at the beginning, and seems to follow you through up until the boom. The city sounds just made the clip seem more alive. They were real people and it felt like a real city.

(comes in four days later) Also I’m dumb and forgot to post this ¬†draft and left it sitting for days. oops!