Ew this week I ended up getting sick- twice! I was worried I wouldn’t have time to do everything, but I did!

Daily Creates:

And assignments:

I would have loved to put way more effort into this week. It’s just too bad I spent most of it immobile in bed. Then I ended up rushing around at the last minute to finish editing everything before the super bowl. Although I got it all done and probably wouldn’t have done anything much differently if I hadn’t been rushing, I would have enjoyed it a bit more and been less stressed if all my work hadn’t been pushed to the last couple days. But I still enjoyed the assignments nonetheless! I really liked the photo safari most of all; I think it would be fun to do something like that for a video. Maybe by taking short clips and editing them together to show some kind of adventure. And I loved digging through the visual assignment bank; there were so many cool projects to try! I’m also loving the open aspect of the class and getting to see people from outside our school commenting and working right along with us.

And now it’s on to audio week!