I’ve never been that into photography. I always leaned more toward design and drawing and creating my own thing rather than capturing an image. I think of all the info we were assigned to review that the video by Jason Eskenazi in the section of the ds106 handbook was the most eye opening and inspiring for me. I’d never thought about how a photographer might wait for everything to line up juuust right to get the perfect shot or how much thought actually goes into the composition and setup of a great photograph, not just being there at the right moment.

Usually when I take pictures it’s either to capture a memory or to be put to use in another project. I’ve uploaded two new albums to flickr. One album is of a day I went to a children’s special olympics event called little feet. Some of my favorite pictures were framed right, but they were out of focus or the other way around. If I had more experience with that camera and with photography they’d all be great. The other album is of some of my favorite pictures I’ve taken over the past year that hold sentimental value to me and show places I’ve been and memories I have.  And then I really wanted to share this one photo of my mixed media project I did last year in my graphic arts class:

download (6)

As I’m taking photos for this class I’ll be paying close attention to composition and design principles, and not just snapping away.