And now it’s time for a photo safari! I went around campus, mainly around melchers, to find my pictures. The weather was perfectly cloudy and moody to set the tone; I’m just glad there wasn’t any rain! All the images were taken by me and edited in photoshop. Most of what I did was play around with the levels and curves, so nothing too drastic, but enough to make a difference (here’s a nifty little video I looked at to give me a refresher on using levels and curves) . I didn’t want to make them all black and white because I don’t feel like something has to be black and white to fit into noir. However, I did desaturate them pretty good so that they aren’t really colorful and cheery.

My first image I just happened to be there at the right moment and I think it fits forĀ ‘characters in an intense fraught moment’ in which the characters are birds.

Next is dramatic shadows. Although there’s so much shadow in this picture that it ended up showing more emphasis of the light which there is less of.

And I’m sensing some drama and moodiness from this gnome I spotted on the roof of melchers. He has sat up there, so lonely, for year after year. Poor little, moody, lonely gnome.

Photo Safari

Next I tried to go for urban grittiness of a built environment. With paint graffiti to the right and gray sky looking forward I think it fits.

Photo Safari

Then I have an odd/off kilter angle in which I look over the balcony and see a sculpture of a woman praying made by a student below.

Photo Safari

Then just for giggles I also took a picture of my leftover burrito with dramatic lighting from one side.