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If snow falling made a sound, I would have included it in this. The assignment was to convey an emotion through sounds, and the emotion I chose was peace. I guess it’s not so much an emotion and more of a feeling, but I went with it anyway.  It starts off with ocean waves that fade away. Then a small bird chirping and a bubbling fountain. Then the wind blows and the wind chimes play. 

emotion screenshot

Above is a screenshot of my layers. The top one is the bubbling fountain. Second is the ocean waves. Third is the wind chimes. And fourth is the bird. These sounds were easier to find than the ones for the last project I did. I think because I could be less picky about it. I just needed general things; wherein, the last assignment I was looking for certain tones of voice and there was no good way to search from a shocked scream.

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  1. Nice.
    I like the screenshot of the layers – good evidence of the work involved.
    and…..ahhhh….so anxious for spring and those birds! Damn ground hog! 😉

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