Woo! It’s time for noir cinematography reflections! First up I took a look at Killer’s Kiss.

 I really liked this shot. The banister and molding on the wall points to the center screen drawing your eye right to Gloria and making her the focal point. Then she appears darker than the bright tiles behind her, adding contrast and putting more emphasis on her.

One thing that Kelsey pointed out (and I agree with), was the amazing boxing scene.  The camera angle keeps changing to follow the action and it really helps to put you in the moment. It goes from POV to on the ground to an outside view to breathing down the neck of a boxer. It really can’t be captured with one shot, so here’s the scene:





Then I watched Chinatown. I picked this shot just for the perfect example of the venetian blind shadows. I also liked how they put him out of focus so you just  focus on her in the foreground