So I did the “Swede a Scene” assignment, which was o recreate a scene from a movie in any way you could. So since I like to draw, I broke out my wacom tablet and story-boarded a scene from the 1967 Bonnie and Clyde movie, replacing Clyde with Cleo. In all I ended up with 33 frames drawn, and each one took about 5-10 minutes to do. I uploaded all the frames to a folder on flickr too if you’d like to look at them individually. Some of them don’t look the best but overall I’m in love with them!


bonnie and clyde

What I did first was use gifcam to capture the frames of the video that I wanted to use. At the point where Clyde comes out of the store with the money you can see I just recorded that little bit because it was too tough to pause at the frames I wanted. Then I took the gif into photoshop where I drew the new frames on top of the old ones. The technique is called rotoscoping. Typically it’s used for full on animating something frame by frame but that would have taken me all week to do. You can see in the frame below that I didn’t follow exactly how the actors were posed. I kind of went with what felt right.




I had everything separated into groups. The original frames were a group on their own and then the gray backdrop pieces I drew in and then a group just for the characters. I had a white layer set to 50% opacity over top of the original frames while I was drawing, to make it easier to see the black lines I was drawing.  Then once I had finished it I just saved every frame as a jpeg and put it into moviemaker. Then I downloaded the audio from the original scene, and all that was left to do was figure out the timing of each frame.

Over the semester I’d kind of been doodling ideas for character design for these girls. I liked Bonnie with short curly hair and a rounder face shape and round eyes to make her seem more friendly and kinda spunky. Then for Cleo I wanted sharper features to make her more mysterious, kind of.