So there’s this funny little assignment called sound to visual and I figured I’d try it using this audio assignment.

All images are of the haunted mansion, which is in disneyland and disney world. I tried to kind of have the pictures be related to what is going on with the audio. So I show in exterior of the house in the beginning, a few rooms as you enter, more ghostly images when the ghosts are mentioned or heard, a transition to match with a ghostly puff of air, an organ player when that is the focus of your listening and then the famous hitchhiking ghosts at the end because they’re at the end of the ride. I did it all in movie maker and it gave me some trouble at first. The audio would show that it was there and then not actually play. After fiddling with it for awhile I decided to work on transitions and go back to messing with the audio later, but it fixed itself somehow. It just randomly began playing along with the images. I guess it just needed to load or something. I don’t know movie maker always does weird things with audio for me.

And how does all that relate to Cleo Barrow? I figure she’d be a fan of scary stories, ad should the Barrow gang ever need to camp out in the woods for the night, she’d be the first to suggest telling ghost stories. That works, right?