I like chocolate, how ’bout you? …well too bad, this song is about cocaine. but i thought the theme of illegal deeds and running from the boys in blue fit well for bonnie and cleo.

This is for the lyric video assignment. I created each page of lyrics in photoshop. I paired the straightforward, thin font, Orator std, with the bold, large, and handwritten font, Boli MV, for contrast and to put emphasis on certain words. The song is called ‘Chocolate’ and it’s a cover of The 1975 song done by Nina Nesbitt. It’s one of the songs I had put in my playlist for Cleo that I made with her character dossier. I chose the fade from black transition for the beginning cause I thought it was cute. And then for the rest of the transitions between slides I didn’t want anything too flashy or ostentatious or tacky. so I went with mostly slide across and down and then a blur through whenever I changed the background image.

You may notice I only did a minute worth of the song. That’s because windows movie maker kept giving me crap with the audio. If I wanted to start watching it from the middle of the video, it would play the audio a couple seconds later from where it actually was. So then I had to watch the video from the beginning every time I wanted to check the timing on a slide. It was fine at first and then became mind-numbingly infuriating by the time I got 20 seconds into the song. Then I also felt like I was practically doing a lyric typography poster for each slide and was verging on spending way too much time on a three star assignment.