I really loved the collaboration aspect of doing the radio shows. It was so great to get to bounce ideas off of others. I think I might have worked harder and thought harder than I would have if I were working on my own because I wanted to keep up with the rest of my group members. I almost wish we were made to meet up with people on a weekly/bi-weekly/every-so-often basis. Like if Groom met with a few people at a time to talk about how things are going. The only thing I wish could have been done differently would have been to have more time together. After the show, Lesya talked about how we split up the final editing into different parts. I liked how that went, but I think it would have been nice for us all to be together while doing it to ask about little choices. One of the harder things for me was facing the sound of my own voice on recording. That’s always weird though, I think. I liked getting the criticisms and comments on twitter and seeing people’s blog posts about the show. I know it wasn’t a perfect show, but I think for our first try at a project like this it was great. And so I guess that’s a wrap for vixen’s ventures.