Vixen’s Ventures is on the air!

Okay it’s pretty great huh? I had a wonderful group! We met up on thursday to record after the script was done. Lesya and Amy voiced their characters, Delia and Cat, and Gyeore voiced my girl Cleo and and did Bonnie. We went over each line a few times to try it different ways and make sure to get the best recording. Then when we were all done recording, Gyeore and I split up the show and each did the rough cut for half of it. Lesya added in her boyfriend, Peter’s, lines as the shrimper and Gyeore’s character John Brown and edited the pitch and did some noise removal. Amy had been scouting for sound effects and background music all week, so then she added those in and posted the show on soundcloud. Oh and then I made the logo in photoshop for the upload album cover thing.


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  1. Lexy Maratellos

    March 1, 2015 at 11:39 pm

    This sounded good !! I only listened to the first couple minutes, but good job !!

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