We’re getting the ball rolling with this radio show! My lovely team includes Lesya, Amy, and Gyeore. Each of those links takes you to their blogs and character dossiers if you want to review that. On saturday we all met up and I got to see the faces behind the blogs. We came up with a pretty good outline for the story, most of which came from Lesya’s creative writing mind. Our team name was kind of random; we went with ‘the alpacas’ or ‘noirpacas’ because Lesya had a stuffed alpaca in her room and it seemed as good a name as any. We ended up finding a way to work our name into the plot line of the story too.

It’ll be set up as if it’s a weekly show, Vixen’s Ventures, about Cat who owns a fancy club in New Orleans and when disaster strikes, turns into a masked hero, the Vixen Vigilante! The show will be narrated by Delia, the lounge singer who desperately wishes to be mysterious and daring like a femme fatale on one of her favorite radio dramas. In this episode Cat brings in a famous painting to attract classy customers, but after word gets out about it someone steals the painting! Then it’s the Vixen Vigilante to the rescue. She tracks down the painting to find that it’s been stolen by Bonnie and Cleo, leaders of the notorious, bank-robbing Barrow gang. Meanwhile, big shot lawyer and club regular, John Brown, is trying to peal himself away from the bar and head out onto the case himself. Cat can’t let that happen, for the painting she purchased was a fraud and if anybody finds out, her club will be sunk for sure. This will probably be revealed through some inner monologue-ing. Cat may be the good guy, but sometimes even the good guy slips up and cheats.

In all it’s just gonna be all about girl power featuring bad jokes about candy.