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so i’ve made my descision

My weekly schedule is too hard to work with since I am now doing student teaching two days a week and then working two more days a week and then homework for other classes and trying to fit in a social life along with what ever crap may pop up (which crap has been doing lately). So rather than try to work with a group to try and find times to meet and collaborate, I’m just gonna work on things on my own in my spare time.

radio show listen in

I listened to Inside Talking tonight and thought it was great! I think working in the sound booth really helped them out. The sound was really clear and there were no distracting background noises. Then they did a “real good” job on their sound effects; it was nothing too over the top, and the audience reactions were perfectly timed. I heard they were doing improv for their show and at first I wasn’t sure about it but it really turned out well! I also am a fan of the talk show idea to include everyone’s characters and get to know them all on a deep level. And I really liked how they tied in the commercials to parts of the story.

© is for copyright that’s good enough for me

Copyright is something I’m always on the lookout for. I always worry about using other people’s images because they worked hard to get those and I know that I wouldn’t want anybody to use my things without permission. However if the person is not claiming the image as their own or making any money off of the idea or image they stole. Copyright is something that I understand, but I have a hard time putting into words. I think the teaching copyright site was the best in helping my understanding because of it was meant for teaching kids and it’s super easy to understand. And I’m in a mood where I can’t put a lot of thought into things before I give up and walk away.

I had something really good to say and then I lost my train of thought because my roommate found a picture of a dog that looks like our friend. Now it’s bugging me. I was really on to something too.

Anyway, you know copyright I know copyright. Don’t take stuff that you’re not supposed to. And if you’re not sure if you can, then don’t.

good movie but is it time for bed yet?

Okay so ‘Double Indemnity.’ I watched this one cause it was the only free one. In retrospect it probably wouldn’t have mattered if I spent two bucks to watch a different one, but whatever. I’m writing this up now at two a.m. because  I just finished the movie and want to get my thoughts down before I forget. I’ll probably wake up tomorrow, read this, think about editing it to sound better, and then shrug it off cause it’s just a little fraction of my grade and who cares if I wrote it on the verge of passing out?

The plot was very similar to that of ‘The Postman.’ I guess that’s because the books were written by the same author, but I think a good writer should be able to come up with different stuff and not just a twist on his old stuff. Oh but you don’t want to hear what I think about the plot; you want to hear what I think of the design!

There are some elements that more obviously fit in with noir design than others, the venetian blinds, the shadows, the silhouettes, and the smoke and fog. Having it set in LA was an interesting choice. Normally LA you think glamour and glitz of Hollywood; whereas, someplace like New York may give you more of that urban gritty feeling you want to get from noir films. But anyway LA proved to be just the right backdrop for this story; it was just big enough to fit in with the noir cityscape trope and just spread out enough that it didn’t feel too big. And I loved the different camera angles used. Kind of gave the scenes an off-kilter feeling. Darkness and shadows were very controlled in this movie. I loved what Megan said about the scene where Phyllis and Walter meet.

All in all, it’s a very well designed, beautiful movie. I can see how the design elements of this movie helped lay the foundation for noir, as this movie was made as noir was just becoming a thing. Now I’m going to sleep. Goodnight ds106


Alright there’s a lot here because I love design a lot, so brace yourself. Also I didn’t realize that we were only supposed to do four, and I… well I did all but one. opps. Guess I’ll read more carefully next time, but I really didn’t mind because I enjoy design so much. And another note. Most of my finds are from online simply because I follow a lot of art and design blogs so my favorite designs are mostly things I’ve found on the internet. And I probably spent just as much, if not more, time tracking these down than somebody who went around their house with a camera, so I don’t see any problem with it.


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Design is fine and I really hate papyrus

Oh my goodness I love this week already. If I weren’t going into teaching I’d be going into graphic design. So this week is like heaven for me! I’m ready to dive right in!

The Vignelli book was amazing. Everything in there, I just kept trying to absorb as much as I could, and honestly I’ll probably read it again next week when I’m not so busy (which I really am, but you don’t want to hear about that). I really loved all the stuff on layout and grids because in the classes I took in high school we didn’t go any further into that than the rule of thirds. And I thought all the typography was neat too. I’ve always thought more about showing contrast through my font choices rather than font size like Vignelli said to try. Though I’m not sure about what he said about most fonts besides those few he listed being trash though. Maybe in books or in print, sure, but for more illustrative things I think branching out is fine. Just as long as you don’t branch out into papyrus or comic sans (seriously don’t even get me started on papyrus; my hatred for the font papyrus is endless. Do you want me to write an essay on it? because I probably could). I’m really a big fan of hand lettering, even if I’m not skilled enough to do it. As a last note for the Vignelli reading, I want to say I’ve also never consciously put much thought into semantics or syntax, and this has kind of inspired me to really step back from a project, and try not to just make something that looks nice, but to put more of my heart into it and focus on the little details and meaning behind everything.


I’ve been struggling trying to come up with some sort of idea for this radio show. I just couldn’t come up with anything at all. Then when I was going through my posts I looked at my audio reflection post which I’d titled ‘video killed the radio star’ as a joke, but then I got to thinking what if I could turn that into a story? A murder mystery about a suave young radio narrator who’s listeners are stuck to him like glue. Maybe somebody at the new tv station downtown doesn’t like the lack of attention he’s getting, and maybe that someone is a bit bonkers and thinks that the best way to bring viewers to him, is to get them to stop listening to radio.

I don’t know. Usually I’m not so good with suspenseful plots and mystery, but maybe someone in my group will be better at putting together a plot where I can work more on the technical stuff. Everybody has strengths and weaknesses; that’s what makes working in teams so great is that somebody else’s strength can cover your weakness and vice versa.

video killed the radio star

Sometimes grandparents are shocked if you know anything about the past. In ‘A Christmas Story’ when Ralphie listens to ‘Little Orphan Annie’ on the radio, my grandma will point to the screen and point and ask my little brother if he knows what that is and “isn’t interesting that they had that instead of tv?” I guess it is, but things aren’t so different. We still have radio shows; they’re just called podcasts now and you can listen whenever you want. So I think I already have a basic knowledge about audio storytelling. Radio’s not dead, it’s just different.

After tweeting along with ds106radio the last night, I sat down today with my afternoon coffee to get reading about noir radio. For me I’m not sure that all this information is something that I’ll lean best by reading. I’ll understand it more, the more I hear and the more I play with sound in audacity. For the restored and old versions of the videos I did notice the difference in the way I felt bout them. The restored definitely gave off a sense of higher tension with the ticking noise that starts at the beginning, and seems to follow you through up until the boom. The city sounds just made the clip seem more alive. They were real people and it felt like a real city.

(comes in four days later) Also I’m dumb and forgot to post this  draft and left it sitting for days. oops!

[sinəməˈtäɡrəfē] cinematography

Woo! It’s time for noir cinematography reflections! First up I took a look at Killer’s Kiss.

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