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radio days are over

I really loved the collaboration aspect of doing the radio shows. It was so great to get to bounce ideas off of others. I think I might have worked harder and thought harder than I would have if I were working on my own because I wanted to keep up with the rest of my group members. I almost wish we were made to meet up with people on a weekly/bi-weekly/every-so-often basis. Like if Groom met with a few people at a time to talk about how things are going. The only thing I wish could have been done differently would have been to have more time together. After the show, Lesya talked about how we split up the final editing into different parts. I liked how that went, but I think it would have been nice for us all to be together while doing it to ask about little choices. One of the harder things for me was facing the sound of my own voice on recording. That’s always weird though, I think. I liked getting the criticisms and comments on twitter and seeing people’s blog posts about the show. I know it wasn’t a perfect show, but I think for our first try at a project like this it was great. And so I guess that’s a wrap for vixen’s ventures.

PSA: Vixen’s Ventures has lesbians and they’re wonderful

watch on tuesday 3-17, it’ll be the second show! for real watch it. bonnie and cleo are amazing criminals and cute to boot! will the vixen vigilante get the jump on them and rescue her stolen painting? tune in tomorrow! or here if you don’t feel like waiting. this has been a psa

vixen ventures

Vixen’s Ventures is on the air!

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all about that font

vixen ventures

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classy club owner turned vigilante on ds106 radio!

We’re getting the ball rolling with this radio show! My lovely team includes Lesya, Amy, and Gyeore. Each of those links takes you to their blogs and character dossiers if you want to review that. On saturday we all met up and I got to see the faces behind the blogs. We came up with a pretty good outline for the story, most of which came from Lesya’s creative writing mind. Our team name was kind of random; we went with ‘the alpacas’ or ‘noirpacas’ because Lesya had a stuffed alpaca in her room and it seemed as good a name as any. We ended up finding a way to work our name into the plot line of the story too.

It’ll be set up as if it’s a weekly show, Vixen’s Ventures, about Cat who owns a fancy club in New Orleans and when disaster strikes, turns into a masked hero, the Vixen Vigilante! The show will be narrated by Delia, the lounge singer who desperately wishes to be mysterious and daring like a femme fatale on one of her favorite radio dramas. In this episode Cat brings in a famous painting to attract classy customers, but after word gets out about it someone steals the painting! Then it’s the Vixen Vigilante to the rescue. She tracks down the painting to find that it’s been stolen by Bonnie and Cleo, leaders of the notorious, bank-robbing Barrow gang. Meanwhile, big shot lawyer and club regular, John Brown, is trying to peal himself away from the bar and head out onto the case himself. Cat can’t let that happen, for the painting she purchased was a fraud and if anybody finds out, her club will be sunk for sure. This will probably be revealed through some inner monologue-ing. Cat may be the good guy, but sometimes even the good guy slips up and cheats.

In all it’s just gonna be all about girl power featuring bad jokes about candy.


I’ve been struggling trying to come up with some sort of idea for this radio show. I just couldn’t come up with anything at all. Then when I was going through my posts I looked at my audio reflection post which I’d titled ‘video killed the radio star’ as a joke, but then I got to thinking what if I could turn that into a story? A murder mystery about a suave young radio narrator who’s listeners are stuck to him like glue. Maybe somebody at the new tv station downtown doesn’t like the lack of attention he’s getting, and maybe that someone is a bit bonkers and thinks that the best way to bring viewers to him, is to get them to stop listening to radio.

I don’t know. Usually I’m not so good with suspenseful plots and mystery, but maybe someone in my group will be better at putting together a plot where I can work more on the technical stuff. Everybody has strengths and weaknesses; that’s what makes working in teams so great is that somebody else’s strength can cover your weakness and vice versa.

On the Radio – uh oh

This whole day every time I think about radio I keep getting Regina Spektor’s ‘On the Radio’ stuck in my head, hence the title.

Anyway, here’s my radio bumper. The music might seem a bit familiar cause I used the song Groom has on his blog trailer. I thought it sounded super spooky and perfect for the noir theme. Then there’s my dumb cheery voice. I tried to say it in different ways, but cheery turned out the best and ounded the least like I had a cold. And then bang! Crash! The lightning flash! (thunder at the end)

I think the biggest problem I had with this was the fear of hearing my own voice recorded. It’s a funny fear to have guess, but it’s a fear nonetheless. I got over that hurdle though after mentally preparing myself for a minute before recording. Other than that I enjoyed the assignment. It was fun to see the different directions everyone went in with the same prompt. Here’s a screenshot of my layers:

bumper screenshot

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