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Screenshot 2015-02-25 at 7.57.49 PMSelect 5 emojis and use them as a prompt for a unique story. Screenshot your emojis and add link to your story below. If you are on Twitter then you can emojinate in one click!” okay this dc is really cute so here goes mine!

Okay so me and my cuddle-bug were going on a ski trip for spring break because for some reason we have a backwards spring break and it’s actually winter. Anyway we got there and totally chickened out and just stood outside freezing to death.



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Okay even after three years of graphic design class in high school, I think this might be my highest crowning achievement in photoshop, my favorite overall, my prized creation, I want this printed on my tombstone; what I’m saying is, I legitimately love this. This cat looks like he’s just had a life altering realization, and that realization is that he must play the synthesizer. I got a bit carried away and it took me longer than it should have, and maybe my time would have been better spent working on my character dossier, but come on look how great this turned out!

p.s. – totally kidding, nobody put this on my tombstone. 

Daily Create 1-18

daily create 1-18

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