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no we’re never gonna quit it, no we’re never gonna quit it

I like chocolate, how ’bout you? …well too bad, this song is about cocaine. but i thought the theme of illegal deeds and running from the boys in blue fit well for bonnie and cleo.

This is for the lyric video assignment. I created each page of lyrics in photoshop. I paired the straightforward, thin font, Orator std, with the bold, large, and handwritten font, Boli MV, for contrast and to put emphasis on certain words. The song is called ‘Chocolate’ and it’s a cover of The 1975 song done by Nina Nesbitt. It’s one of the songs I had put in my playlist for Cleo that I made with her character dossier. I chose the fade from black transition for the beginning cause I thought it was cute. And then for the rest of the transitions between slides I didn’t want anything too flashy or ostentatious or tacky. so I went with mostly slide across and down and then a blur through whenever I changed the background image.

You may notice I only did a minute worth of the song. That’s because windows movie maker kept giving me crap with the audio. If I wanted to start watching it from the middle of the video, it would play the audio a couple seconds later from where it actually was. So then I had to watch the video from the beginning every time I wanted to check the timing on a slide. It was fine at first and then became mind-numbingly infuriating by the time I got 20 seconds into the song. Then I also felt like I was practically doing a lyric typography poster for each slide and was verging on spending way too much time on a three star assignment.

Sorry i’m not a brunette

For my character interview with a Mr Jim Groom I elected not to record my face on account of I’m not nearly mysterious looking enough to play cleo. i gotta baby face! i could have done it from bonnie but she’s kind of already a character. cleo is the one that’s really mine. or at least that’s how i feel.

Killin it with these storyboards

So I did the “Swede a Scene” assignment, which was o recreate a scene from a movie in any way you could. So since I like to draw, I broke out my wacom tablet and story-boarded a scene from the 1967 Bonnie and Clyde movie, replacing Clyde with Cleo. In all I ended up with 33 frames drawn, and each one took about 5-10 minutes to do. I uploaded all the frames to a folder on flickr too if you’d like to look at them individually. Some of them don’t look the best but overall I’m in love with them!


bonnie and clyde

What I did first was use gifcam to capture the frames of the video that I wanted to use. At the point where Clyde comes out of the store with the money you can see I just recorded that little bit because it was too tough to pause at the frames I wanted. Then I took the gif into photoshop where I drew the new frames on top of the old ones. The technique is called rotoscoping. Typically it’s used for full on animating something frame by frame but that would have taken me all week to do. You can see in the frame below that I didn’t follow exactly how the actors were posed. I kind of went with what felt right.




I had everything separated into groups. The original frames were a group on their own and then the gray backdrop pieces I drew in and then a group just for the characters. I had a white layer set to 50% opacity over top of the original frames while I was drawing, to make it easier to see the black lines I was drawing.  Then once I had finished it I just saved every frame as a jpeg and put it into moviemaker. Then I downloaded the audio from the original scene, and all that was left to do was figure out the timing of each frame.

Over the semester I’d kind of been doodling ideas for character design for these girls. I liked Bonnie with short curly hair and a rounder face shape and round eyes to make her seem more friendly and kinda spunky. Then for Cleo I wanted sharper features to make her more mysterious, kind of.

cute lesbians kill people and steal stuff

I took on the character description video assignment. The directions were to take a few clips to describe a character. My one character, Cleo Barrow, wouldn’t be complete without her Bonnie, so I made it a video about both of them. I was inspired by the trailer for the 1967 Bonnie and Clyde movie. Then I used clips from the avicii music video, “Addicted to You,” for the girls because it was the inspiration for the characters.  I used the song Sundown from Free Music Archive.

For the title cards I probably could have remade them completely, but I cheated and just took it from the trailer and used photoshop to put in the pictures of the girls. If it were a design assignment I would have remade the title cards but I wanted to focus my time and efforts on the video editing part. I used the selection tool and mask to cut out the parts I wanted from the screenshots I took from the trailer. For the “they kill people part” I made the text myself because it was easier than cutting it out from the trailer. Below is the outer glow settings I used to emulate the style of the text in the trailer.

screenshot glow

I spent the first half of my time trying to figure out how to use windows movie maker and yelling at my computer because it wouldn’t do what I wanted it to do and I didn’t really have a direction at the beginning. But I got it worked out!  Mostly I used the split tool and moved clips around. I realized after I uploaded the video that I forgot to fade the music out and the end and fade the video to black.. so just imagine that it does


PSA: Vixen’s Ventures has lesbians and they’re wonderful

watch on tuesday 3-17, it’ll be the second show! for real watch it. bonnie and cleo are amazing criminals and cute to boot! will the vixen vigilante get the jump on them and rescue her stolen painting? tune in tomorrow! or here if you don’t feel like waiting. this has been a psa

vixen ventures

Vixen’s Ventures is on the air!

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classy club owner turned vigilante on ds106 radio!

We’re getting the ball rolling with this radio show! My lovely team includes Lesya, Amy, and Gyeore. Each of those links takes you to their blogs and character dossiers if you want to review that. On saturday we all met up and I got to see the faces behind the blogs. We came up with a pretty good outline for the story, most of which came from Lesya’s creative writing mind. Our team name was kind of random; we went with ‘the alpacas’ or ‘noirpacas’ because Lesya had a stuffed alpaca in her room and it seemed as good a name as any. We ended up finding a way to work our name into the plot line of the story too.

It’ll be set up as if it’s a weekly show, Vixen’s Ventures, about Cat who owns a fancy club in New Orleans and when disaster strikes, turns into a masked hero, the Vixen Vigilante! The show will be narrated by Delia, the lounge singer who desperately wishes to be mysterious and daring like a femme fatale on one of her favorite radio dramas. In this episode Cat brings in a famous painting to attract classy customers, but after word gets out about it someone steals the painting! Then it’s the Vixen Vigilante to the rescue. She tracks down the painting to find that it’s been stolen by Bonnie and Cleo, leaders of the notorious, bank-robbing Barrow gang. Meanwhile, big shot lawyer and club regular, John Brown, is trying to peal himself away from the bar and head out onto the case himself. Cat can’t let that happen, for the painting she purchased was a fraud and if anybody finds out, her club will be sunk for sure. This will probably be revealed through some inner monologue-ing. Cat may be the good guy, but sometimes even the good guy slips up and cheats.

In all it’s just gonna be all about girl power featuring bad jokes about candy.

one word

okay this assignment was way too easy. honestly it should have been worth one point. I don’t know maybe it would be harder for somebody who has no graphic design experience.

thiefThe assignment is to write one word and not use an color or effects or anything and let the font speak for the tone of the word. So here’s is the word “thief” in  italic courier new. I wanted it to be slight and swift, like Cleo Barrow. And courier new looks a bit old fashioned which fits for the time period. It doesn’t really match the time period they’re from, but it gives off an old time-y feel. Oh, and I just did it in photoshop, but I could have done it in paint really.

illustrator on point

ds106 wallpaper

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it’s a start

Here is my first audacity audio project, which I’m calling ‘armed robbery.’ It’s for the sound effects story assignment, in which we were to create a story using only sound effects. I decided to go along with my character, Cleo Barrow (a spin on Clyde of Bonnie and Clyde), on a bank robbery. To set the scene I start it off with idle chatter, then a gunshot! And people screaming and whining as the alarm bells are ringing. Then two pairs of feet running away as the bells fade away.

I didn’t catch on to audacity as easily as I thought I would, but I’m figuring it out, nonetheless. And navigating the freesounds site is proving difficult for me; maybe I’m being too picky in looking for sounds. It took up most of my time on this assignment. I had a hard time finding good screams; most were either horror-movie screams or sounded insincere. I’m still not too happy with the ones I found, but I couldn’t waste any more time looking for something I wasn’t going to find. Here’s a screenshot of my layering:

armed robbery screenshot

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