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The lights are off and the Greek is dead.

“Do you solemnly swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth? So help you God.”

The cop straightened up. “I do.” It was the same cop that saw the ladder waiting out the window for Cora. The cop that heard the Greek yowl when Cora hit him in the head too hard.

Then the suits started asking him questions. “Where were you on the night of Nick Papadakis’s death?” “Did you see Frank or Cora on that night?” “Could you explain what you saw?”

And that was it; we were sunk. Cora had killed him and I was her accomplice. We’d get time for sure. No matter what Cora and I said up there. The cop saw the ladder, and he saw me outside waiting for her. Then there was the affair, so the jury knew our motive. That crafty lawyer saw the affair once he looked at the case. If she’d have just run away with me, we wouldn’t have any of this.

When they put Cora up, she said as little as could. She knew we were done, but didn’t want to give ’em anything else. She’d barely look at me. I came up with the plan, but now she was in trouble ’cause my dumb plan went wrong.


We both got life in prison. No chance of parole. No chance of seeing each other again.

She was so resigned. She’d accepted it. But I couldn’t.

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Midnight Call: Brother, I Need You

Brother, I need you
the night has fallen
I go to the phone
with sleep in my eyes

Brother, come help me
the world is bigger
than I thought before
I can’t do this alone

Brother, I miss you
just come
give your favorite girl a hug

Told from the point of view of my character, Cleo Barrow, when she calls her brother for help. I’m not really sure what this assignment was; I think this was what it wanted. There was just a poem with no instructions. In their poem it was midnight calling the narrator, but for mine I decided to make it the call my narrator would make at midnight, when she’s most desperate and most vulnerable. Since that was only worth two points, here’s a haiku  from Cleo for one more point:

I keep my love for
only my best girl, the one
with hair like sun

Chocolate Tres Leches: A Tasty Haiku

chocolate cake; milk:

condensed, evaporated,

half-and-half on top


then put some icing,

chocolate is the best kind,

and eat that cake, yum!

It’s gone over well every time I’ve made it! I brought it in for Spanish class before and it was a major hit; everybody liked it better than the plain tres leches. Here’s the full recipe if anybody wants to try it. here’s the assignment

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