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cute lesbians kill people and steal stuff

I took on the character description video assignment. The directions were to take a few clips to describe a character. My one character, Cleo Barrow, wouldn’t be complete without her Bonnie, so I made it a video about both of them. I was inspired by the trailer for the 1967 Bonnie and Clyde movie. Then I used clips from the avicii music video, “Addicted to You,” for the girls because it was the inspiration for the characters.  I used the song Sundown from Free Music Archive.

For the title cards I probably could have remade them completely, but I cheated and just took it from the trailer and used photoshop to put in the pictures of the girls. If it were a design assignment I would have remade the title cards but I wanted to focus my time and efforts on the video editing part. I used the selection tool and mask to cut out the parts I wanted from the screenshots I took from the trailer. For the “they kill people part” I made the text myself because it was easier than cutting it out from the trailer. Below is the outer glow settings I used to emulate the style of the text in the trailer.

screenshot glow

I spent the first half of my time trying to figure out how to use windows movie maker and yelling at my computer because it wouldn’t do what I wanted it to do and I didn’t really have a direction at the beginning. But I got it worked out!  Mostly I used the split tool and moved clips around. I realized after I uploaded the video that I forgot to fade the music out and the end and fade the video to black.. so just imagine that it does


illustrator on point

ds106 wallpaper

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Ah this is where being a total nerd pays off

I found the assignment to put text over a gif and luckily I was already working on something like that for my disney blog (which i have because I’m a total nerd). So I picked it up and polished it off to use for this.

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Can I make this any more obviously related to disney?

Okay so I’m taking on the putting disney in focus assignment. I saw somebody else had used a photo from a trip to France and I jumped at the bit to use a picture from my trip to disney world.  So an important symbol from the movie Tangled is the sun which is on the flag on the kingdom. So I snapped this pretty pic of the flags they had out. While some people had things that were’t as direct from disney, I went with straight from disney world.

Really What Else Would You Expect to Find in a Bank Robber’s Bag?

For my take on the what’s in your bag assignment I’m doing in from the perspective of my character Cleo Barrow, a bank robber. I could’ve gone into detail and included her favorite lipstick which makes her look super sassy, but she doesn’t care enough to touch up her make up through the day, or I could’ve put in a gun which she used to rob the bank, but really she’d keep that strapped to her side, not in a bag. I think Cleo would want to travel as light as possible and would only carry whatever she’d just stolen. So, naturally, here is what’s in her bag.

What's in your bag?

The Street Girl

Street GIrl


Time was when I’d gladly have listened,
Before I was tainted with shame,
But it wouldn’t be fair to you honey;
Men laugh when they mention my name.Back there on the farm in Nebraska,
I might have said yes to you then,
But I thought the world was a playground;
Just teeming with Santa Claus men.
So I left the old home for the city,
To play in its mad, dirty whirl,
Never knowing how little of pity,
It holds for a slip of a girl.You think I’m still good-looking honey!
But no I am faded and spent,
Even Helen of Troy would look seedy,
If she followed the pace I went.
But that day I came in from the country,
With my hair down my back in a curl;
Through the length and the breadth of the city,
There was never a prettier girl.I soon got a job in the chorus,
With nothing but looks and a form,
I had a new man every evening,
And my kisses were thrilling and warm.
I might have sold them for a fortune,
To some old sugar daddy with dough,
But youth called to youth for its lover,
There was plenty that I didn’t know.Then I fell for the “line” of a “junker”,
A slim devotee of hop,
And those dreams in the juice of a poppy;
Had got me before I could stop.
But I didn’t care while he loved me,
Just to lie in his arms was a delight,
But his ardour grew cold and he left me;
In a Chinatown “hop-joint” one night.

Well I didn’t care then what happened,
A Chink took me under his wing,
And down there in a hovel of hell —
I laboured for Hop and Ah-Sing
Oh no I’m no longer a “Junker”,
The police came and got me one day,
And I took the one cure that is certain,
That island out there in the bay.

Don’t spring that old gag of reforming,
A girl hardly ever goes back,
Too many are eager and waiting;
To guide her feet off of the track.
A man can break every commandment
And the world will still lend him a hand,
Yet a girl that has loved, but un-wisely
Is an outcast all over the land.

You see how it is don’t you honey,
I’d marry you now if I could,
I’d go with you back to the country,
But I know it won’t do any good,
For I’m only a poor branded woman
And I can’t get away from the past.
Good-bye and God bless you for asking
But I’ll stick out now till the last.

-Bonnie Parker

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