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yeah so self portraits are a thing

cartoon me!

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one word

okay this assignment was way too easy. honestly it should have been worth one point. I don’t know maybe it would be harder for somebody who has no graphic design experience.

thiefThe assignment is to write one word and not use an color or effects or anything and let the font speak for the tone of the word. So here’s is the word “thief” in  italic courier new. I wanted it to be slight and swift, like Cleo Barrow. And courier new looks a bit old fashioned which fits for the time period. It doesn’t really match the time period they’re from, but it gives off an old time-y feel. Oh, and I just did it in photoshop, but I could have done it in paint really.

pretty poster project

Okay so in high school I did this project for a yard sale that the school was doing so for the promotional flyer assignment I picked up that old file, dusted it off, spruced up the font choices and here we are.

yard sale booth poster

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illustrator on point

ds106 wallpaper

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Breathing’s just a rhythm


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Ring, ring, hello? Is audio week over yet?

In this project I got to play around more with echo and pitch effects. It was to make a new ringtone, and here’s what I came up with.

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On the Radio – uh oh

This whole day every time I think about radio I keep getting Regina Spektor’s ‘On the Radio’ stuck in my head, hence the title.

Anyway, here’s my radio bumper. The music might seem a bit familiar cause I used the song Groom has on his blog trailer. I thought it sounded super spooky and perfect for the noir theme. Then there’s my dumb cheery voice. I tried to say it in different ways, but cheery turned out the best and ounded the least like I had a cold. And then bang! Crash! The lightning flash! (thunder at the end)

I think the biggest problem I had with this was the fear of hearing my own voice recorded. It’s a funny fear to have guess, but it’s a fear nonetheless. I got over that hurdle though after mentally preparing myself for a minute before recording. Other than that I enjoyed the assignment. It was fun to see the different directions everyone went in with the same prompt. Here’s a screenshot of my layers:

bumper screenshot

it’s a start

Here is my first audacity audio project, which I’m calling ‘armed robbery.’ It’s for the sound effects story assignment, in which we were to create a story using only sound effects. I decided to go along with my character, Cleo Barrow (a spin on Clyde of Bonnie and Clyde), on a bank robbery. To set the scene I start it off with idle chatter, then a gunshot! And people screaming and whining as the alarm bells are ringing. Then two pairs of feet running away as the bells fade away.

I didn’t catch on to audacity as easily as I thought I would, but I’m figuring it out, nonetheless. And navigating the freesounds site is proving difficult for me; maybe I’m being too picky in looking for sounds. It took up most of my time on this assignment. I had a hard time finding good screams; most were either horror-movie screams or sounded insincere. I’m still not too happy with the ones I found, but I couldn’t waste any more time looking for something I wasn’t going to find. Here’s a screenshot of my layering:

armed robbery screenshot

Ah this is where being a total nerd pays off

I found the assignment to put text over a gif and luckily I was already working on something like that for my disney blog (which i have because I’m a total nerd). So I picked it up and polished it off to use for this.

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Can I make this any more obviously related to disney?

Okay so I’m taking on the putting disney in focus assignment. I saw somebody else had used a photo from a trip to France and I jumped at the bit to use a picture from my trip to disney world.  So an important symbol from the movie Tangled is the sun which is on the flag on the kingdom. So I snapped this pretty pic of the flags they had out. While some people had things that were’t as direct from disney, I went with straight from disney world.

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