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my first submitted assignment post!

For a sketchbook assignment in high school I had to come up with something to do for a free day, and what I made then inspired me to create this assignment! My goal was to practice graphic design without using a computer and putting it in a page of my sketchbook. I was inspired by you-tuber Karen Kavett and her series of graphic design videos. I took out elements from a russian magazine my teacher let me use and laid them out to my own design. I liked using the russian one because it forced me to not care what the words said and focus on the layout.┬áIn retrospect I think I could have used more negative space, but I’m still pleased with mine.


The left image is mine and the right is an example by Karen Kavett.

all about that font

vixen ventures

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yeah so self portraits are a thing

cartoon me!

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one word

okay this assignment was way too easy. honestly it should have been worth one point. I don’t know maybe it would be harder for somebody who has no graphic design experience.

thiefThe assignment is to write one word and not use an color or effects or anything and let the font speak for the tone of the word. So here’s is the word “thief” in ┬áitalic courier new. I wanted it to be slight and swift, like Cleo Barrow. And courier new looks a bit old fashioned which fits for the time period. It doesn’t really match the time period they’re from, but it gives off an old time-y feel. Oh, and I just did it in photoshop, but I could have done it in paint really.

pretty poster project

Okay so in high school I did this project for a yard sale that the school was doing so for the promotional flyer assignment I picked up that old file, dusted it off, spruced up the font choices and here we are.

yard sale booth poster

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Breathing’s just a rhythm


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