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How is this related to Bonnie and Cleo? why cookies are Bonnie’s favorite food, don’tcha know?

This is for the bleeping censor assignment and I gotta say it’s pretty great. It’s definitely not the most impressive thing I’ve done this week, but it’s pretty hilarious. There’s just nothing better than children’s characters cursing. or at least sounding like they could be cursing. the word of the day i the video was actually ‘important’ but it sounds funnier with the bleep. Then at the end he’s just shouting “COOKIE” over and over and I just had to bleep that too.

This is the video I used. Then I used this for my censor beep. At first I was going to work exclusively in movie maker, but I couldn’t get it to mute cookie monster for the moments that I played the beep. So I just took the audio from the video, edited it in audacity and then put that over the video in movie maker.

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  1. Your video looks so good lol funny you used cookie monster too

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