The lights are off and the Greek is dead.

“Do you solemnly swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth? So help you God.”

The cop straightened up. “I do.” It was the same cop that saw the ladder waiting out the window for Cora. The cop that heard the Greek yowl when Cora hit him in the head too hard.

Then the suits started asking him questions. “Where were you on the night of Nick Papadakis’s death?” “Did you see Frank or Cora on that night?” “Could you explain what you saw?”

And that was it; we were sunk. Cora had killed him and I was her accomplice. We’d get time for sure. No matter what Cora and I said up there. The cop saw the ladder, and he saw me outside waiting for her. Then there was the affair, so the jury knew our motive. That crafty lawyer saw the affair once he looked at the case. If she’d have just run away with me, we wouldn’t have any of this.

When they put Cora up, she said as little as could. She knew we were done, but didn’t want to give ’em anything else. She’d barely look at me. I came up with the plan, but now she was in trouble ’cause my dumb plan went wrong.


We both got life in prison. No chance of parole. No chance of seeing each other again.

She was so resigned. She’d accepted it. But I couldn’t.

And then I hit this wall. I wanted them to get caught the first time, but I’m not really sure where to go with it after that. I suppose that I could have written more of the trial, but I don’t know enough about courts and it would just turn out messy. This assignment really threw me through a loop. I guess I tend to have a hard time figuring out how a story could go any differently when it’s ending was so purposeful. I kept picking up the story at different points and trying to rewrite endings. This was the best I could come up with. I wanted to do more, but nothing sounded right. I kept rewriting this bit, and editing, and rewriting more.  I could add a screenshot of my process, but I just went back and forth between the ‘Postman’ pdf and the edit post page. I’m guessing that part of the rubric doesn’t really apply to writing unless you use some special tool.


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  1. I’ll tell you, i really like how much you nailed the dialogue in your alternative ending. You have the style down pat, now how to change things up is a bit harder. But Cora’s resignation, and his refusal is an interesting approach. One thing that strikes me about this book is the way fate seems to take over, despite our attempts to fight against it. And this ending captures the yin and yang of that reality. I think you are a far better writer than you give yourself credit for.

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