So a while back I found a recording of outtakes from the haunted mansion narration from disneyland, and I jumped at the gun to use it for this assignment.

I over-downloaded and ended up with a bunch of effects I didn’t use, but I think I like having it as a simple recording rather than way too many things crammed in together. Here’s my end result of scary sounds!

I have a creepy organ playing all the way through. I varied the volume of it at times,depending on what I thought needed to be heard more. Then I threw in a creaking door, as if to welcome you into the haunted mansion. Next I have the dark welcome in, with talk of ghosts! Then there’s a faint whisper coming from somewhere in the house. And then it’s just the terrifying laughter.

Here’s a screenshot of what audacity looked like when I finished. You can probably tell I use the envelope tool a lot.