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Okay so in high school I did this project for a yard sale that the school was doing so for the promotional flyer assignment I picked up that old file, dusted it off, spruced up the font choices and here we are.

yard sale booth poster

It’s all done in illustrator and the fonts used are from dafont. I choose to keep the colors at a minimum and to keep a lot of white space for printing purposes. I tried to keep a hierarchy by making the most important words larger and darker. The two logos are for the school and then the math-sci specialty program that was hosting the sale. The pta member that asked us to make the posters gave a a facebook link for the sale, but I was the only one in the class that used a qr code in my design to make things easier and to make it seem a bit more professional than spelling out the url. When we did critiques the pta member gave me some slack because I just said ‘clover hill’ and not ‘clover hill high school,’ but I didn’t change it cause it would throw off my hierarchy, and everybody would know what it meant and if they didn’t they’d find out when they went to the facebook page for more details.

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  1. I also did the promotional poster for my assignment. Your promotional poster looks great though.

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