my first submitted assignment post!

For a sketchbook assignment in high school I had to come up with something to do for a free day, and what I made then inspired me to create this assignment! My goal was to practice graphic design without using a computer and putting it in a page of my sketchbook. I was inspired by you-tuber Karen Kavett and her series of graphic design videos. I took out elements from a russian magazine my teacher let me use and laid them out to my own design. I liked using the russian one because it forced me to not care what the words said and focus on the layout.┬áIn retrospect I think I could have used more negative space, but I’m still pleased with mine.


The left image is mine and the right is an example by Karen Kavett.

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  1. I can see why you are proud. Great work. Great reflection. I also love that you realized looking at the layout as pieces and not the content of the text was important. and yes….we all realize less is more a lot of the time and look back at putting in more white space.

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