Midnight Call: Brother, I Need You

Brother, I need you
the night has fallen
I go to the phone
with sleep in my eyes

Brother, come help me
the world is bigger
than I thought before
I can’t do this alone

Brother, I miss you
just come
give your favorite girl a hug

Told from the point of view of my character, Cleo Barrow, when she calls her brother for help. I’m not really sure what this assignment was; I think this was what it wanted. There was just a poem with no instructions. In their poem it was midnight calling the narrator, but for mine I decided to make it the call my narrator would make at midnight, when she’s most desperate and most vulnerable. Since that was only worth two points, here’s a haiku  from Cleo for one more point:

I keep my love for
only my best girl, the one
with hair like sun

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  1. I think Cleo is going to be an awesome character. I see a graphic novel in your future 🙂

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