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ds106 wallpaper

Ds106 wallpaper! heck yeah! Initially my plan was to make it just a starry sky as Cleo would see it if the gang spent the night camping in the car, and then I decided that a rocket ship would be cool to add. Who cares if rocket ships hadn’t been invented in their time? it looks cooler than blank space.

I made the whole thing in adobe illustrator using the pen tool for all the illustrations. Here’s a tutorial for using the pen tool. Figuring out the font was tough. At first I wanted to try and pick two different fonts to go together, but then I found aovel sans and decided the best move would be to use a light next to bold version of the same thing. And I picked purple for the rocket because I wanted to do analogous colors and I didn’t think green would be a good color for a rocket. I could give you step by step screenshots but it’s nothing special really, just me slowing drawing everything out.

edit: i forgot to put the link to the assignment


  1. I haven’t jumped into illustrator yet. Great use of the pen tool. Not sure I could get as smooth of detail without lots of practice! I like the two tone rocket so it doesn’t look flat. Agree on the purple – seems to be the right choice.

  2. Wow I really like this one a lot! I use Adobe Illustrator a ton so I can really understand what it may have been like trying to make this, excellent job! I also fancy the typography that you have used.

  3. I once again came across this post, and I’ll be honest, I want to use this as one of my inspired posts. I have a HUGE appreciation for anything involving Illustrator and this design really just catches my eye. Don’t be surprised to be mentioned on my blog!

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