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flickr really messed up my saturation and it’s making me upset. it’s showing up too uber saturated and i can’t figure out why.

anyway i did the lyric typography poster assignment and did regina sektor’s song ‘one more time with feeling’ because she’s the artist I listen to on repeat when I’m sad, which I kind of was this week. I used this tutorial, this font, and this texture pack. I went for a split complimentary┬ácolor scheme with pink, yellow and blue.

The first layer I did was the blue word. I put a gradient overlay on it, and then I did an inner shadow. Below is the setting I did for each. And then I put a white stroke outline around it.

Then I put in a layer below that with a texture overlay.

Then I put the pink layer below it with a drop shadow. And then I made the background using the pen tool to make a triangle shape and just rotated it around the center filling it in.

It’s still really bugging me that it messed up my colors. I don’t know why cause the jpeg image looks fine on the computer. The colors are a┬álot less harsh on my version. This is what it’s supposed to be.

Groom is smart and ‘m an idiot. uploading it as a png worked! but im still confused as to why flickr couldn’t upload the jpeg right


  1. I love this design, your use of color and font here is gorgeous, fine, fine work. Maybe export it as a PNG for colors? Also, you can try and upload it directly to the blog, see if that is better.

  2. Great Stuff and nice how to. I like screenshots like this as easier to use that a screencast.
    Background tip useful for me, I’ve struggled with that in the past, trying to be to cleaver, rotating a triangle I can do.

  3. Your Photoshop skills are on point … teach me your ways; be my Yoda!

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