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vixen ventures

get ready folks for this weeks thrilling episode of vixen ventures!

I made this title/logo image for our radio show. here’s one with just the font and no background if any of my group members want to use it for anything.


I was inspired by this image for double indemnity, and used this picture of new orleans for the background. The font is titania from


I started off by desaturating the image (not completely, just mostly) and putting a layer of color on top set to hue. At first I had the color as a burnt orange, but in the end I made it purple because I thought the cool tone was more fitting to the story.


the trickiest part was warping the text. I rasterized the type layers and then went to edit -> transform -> warp. Then I just played with the shape until I got it the way I wanted. It would have been much easier if my mouse hadn’t run out of batteries because I was left trying to click and drag points with my touchpad. After I got the shape worked out I added a drop shadow and set the spread to 100% to give it a cleaner feel. Then for the background image I decided to play with it more and use an action on it. The action set I like to use most of the time can be found here, and I used the smart sepia action.

Then I just had to save it all and make sure I saved the transparent one as a png




  1. Besides the fact that the name of your radio show is adorable in the BEST possible way, I can’t get over that font doh…. dat color doh! I love it. I think it’s cute and fun but at the same time it contrasts well with the background image. Dang girl.

  2. GIRL THIS IS AMAZING! LIKE SOMETHING OUT OF AN ACTUAL NOIR MOVIE. The subtle pink hue of the font goes along with our girl power theme, while the contrast that Megan pointed out of the sepia-toned background gives the air of semi-seriousness that our radio show is meant to capture. You nailed everything perfectly. Clearly design is your calling 🙂 … Anywho, big fan, big fan … let me go see if I can use this in a bit of promo or something!

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